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The eCommerce Blueprint

The eCommerce blueprint is a proven method for eCommerce businesses to generate leads, consistently boost sales & retain a active user base. Find out how we transformed countless businesses in 2021.
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Selling Focused

User experience design is important. We don’t just design online stores...
We design full eCommerce experiences for individual customers.
We structure & sell to your users by optimizing the online experience. We do this by utilizing data collected on your specific audiences.

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Connect Directly
With Your Audience

Using data we collect from customers that have already purchased from your store, we create marketing audiences & advertise directly to real people that have already showed interested in your products . The longer we collect data, the easier it is to sell to qualified customers online.

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Get Seen First...
On Every Search

SEO is a not very new... but extremely effective & reliable in building a profitable & long lasting online brand . Get seen first when users look you up on Google organically.
SEO gets very powerful, very fast when your products are integrated with Google Shopping. We’ll touch on that further down the web page ;)

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Our Client Process

Initial Consult & Brand Study

We’ll get to your business model, its’ goals & who you are as a business owner. Getting to know your business & your goals on a deeper level helps us customize the way we plan & execute on our end. This gives you the best chance to reaching your goals.

Design eCommerce Experience With Your Audience in Mind

Using the data we collected in the previous step... We design a full eCommerce experience with your target audience in mind. Every person is very different. Customizing your store’s experience for specific audience groups is often overlooked, but is an essential step in generating a loyal & profitable customer base.

Meet Your Audience Where They Are

Marketing is tough.... If you don’t know who you’re selling to. Your business needs to utilize past customer data (like their digital habits, what social networks they use, what they spend the most money on online, etc.) to get trhe most out of youyr marketing budget.
Being data-driven is one of the most powerful ways to reach your customers at the best times.

Aquire. Retain. Repeat.

Getting those “Order placed by ____” emails is quite addicting. We’re here to scratch that itch. Keeping a loyal & consitently growing user base engaged throughout the year is the easiest, fastest, & most reliable way to stay on top of your competition in the eCommerce space.

  1. Get new users to your store.
  2. Engaged your audience by interactiing with them on platforms they are already using.
  3. Repeat.
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Google Shopping Integration

Google Shopping integration is a must for ANY eCommerce business selling products online. 33.6% of Shoppers look up price comparisons online before purchasing a product in a physical store. Meet your customers where they are searching!

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Facebook & Instagram Remarketing

Have you ever visited a online store? You browse their products & decide this isn’t for you... You leave the site empty handed & BOOM. Now, everytime you surf the web you see ads for that site that you left earlier...
This is called remarketing (or retargetted advertising). This method of targetted advertising performs 10x better than regular advertising. This is great for selling products to users who have already showed interest in your online store. This method also works great for brand awareness.

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Case Studies How We Helped

Verrosa is a online electronic retailer in London ON. Using our eCommerce Blueprint strategies, we transformed Verrosa’s online experience for their customers. We increased their conversion rate by 272% & boosted their return on advertising costs by 393% in the first 6 weeks.
We did a redesign of their brand (logo, colors, etc.) & website experience to optimize their sales & keep customers coming back for more.

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    AVG Growth Rate

  • 0%

    AVG Conversion Rate Increase

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    AVG Return On Ad-Spend


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