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Manjiri Nadkarni Nutrition

Manjiri Nadkarni is a wholistic medicine practitioner and a certified nutritionist. She's based out of Sarnia, Ontario. A lot of her business comes from in-person and online clients. She offers consultations, products, and online classes to help clients improve their health.

Manjiri wanted a way to get a consistent flow of passive leads and income. We suggested recording and posting Youtube videos with us and sharing them to her social media platforms. This strategy is working great for her because it raises brand awareness, intices hot and cold leads to use her services and view her products. In addition, her online classes get a lot more exposure (and sales) because of the nature of YouTube's video sharing platform.

Her site's SEO wasn't producuing the results she was hoping. We had her site's SEO redone and improved to get more organic visits.

We also run her Google PPC ad campaigns to further boost site visits and lead generation. This worked out very well for in-person and online consultations and for other services she offers.

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